Inspired by my daughter, Choice, Blaxicana Couture, was created out of my desire to bring diverse people together in love and peace. My lifestyle brand reflects the blending of cultures and embraces global diversity via art, music, and fashion. My one of a kind designs of hand-crafted, luxury couture denim jackets all include hand sewn appliques, a process that takes over four hours to complete. The denim fabric undergoes a treatment of stone-washing and distressing to give each jacket a unique and vintage look. The jacket can be worn daily and also saved as a vintage keepsake.
Blaxicana Couture will be your memory keepsake of your favorite event, music festival, or party for years to come.
My motto: "It's more than just a denim jacket, it's a lifestyle"
-Alece Plasencia, CEO/Founder/Fashion Designer